about us

Avantu was formed in 2020 in Canada to bring the magic of approved scientifically selected bacteria blends to the global market. We are a team of biologists, chemists, and engineers, who dedicate our time to helping clients solve their wastewater problems.


  • Stewardship: At Avantu our vision is to save the planet, one lake at a time. By providing solutions to remediate septic systems, water treatment plants, lakes and rivers, we accept our responsibility to make the World a better place
  • Au Natural: Avantu sources the best all natural ingredients for our products to ensure that we leave only solutions, no nasty chemicals.
  • Integrity: Avantu commits to straight up dealings with all its stakeholders.
  • Care: We care about our employees and want them to have the best experience in the workplace. We care about our customers and want to share with them the benefits that all natural products can deliver.
  • Continuous improvement: We are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of our products through research and innovation.




Avantu: Uniting the Globe, Delivering Excellence Everywhere.